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Clover® Security Plus Big Time Security for your Business

Clover Security Plus

It’s not just the big guys that get hacked. Reduce risk and liability from potential breaches while maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

A small business like yours can be a tempting target. With Clover® Security Plus, you can go about your business with confidence, knowing that every transaction, from swipe to finish, is protected by technology from First Data, a leader in payment processing.

Benefits & Features

With a great brand name and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, you have a complete business solution ready for you to implement and start processing sales immediately.

Security Plus Benefits:

  • Easy implementation and maintenance.
  • Simple, smart and affordable way to protect customer data.
  • Reduce risk and liability from potential breaches.

Security Plus Features:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.
  • Multiple layers of protection makes data more secure.
  • The latest end-to-end encryption and tokenization technology.


Fully integrated

Clover® Security Plus Clover comes fully integrated with your Clover® POS.


Safe & Secure

Clover™ delivers state-of-the-art security and encryption to protect customer data.


Customer Support

If you need support, we have people—real humans—ready to lend a hand.

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