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We Offer Highly Competitive Rates and Fees

Our company endeavors to have highly competitive rates in the industry. Our rates start at 1.69% for Retail Merchants and 2.69% for Keyed Merchants. Our rates and fees depend on the type of business you have, whether you are swiping cards or keying cards, which card types you are accepting, and more.

It is important to understand that varying rates will be applied to your processing activity as a function of the type of card, the manner in which the card is processed, and your adherence to required processing rules. To minimize your costs, it is in your best interests to ensure that you and your employees follow the procedures described in the training we provide at the time we activate your account.

Discount Rates

At Avantix Payment Systems it is the service after the sale that sets us apart. Our ultimate goal is to establish long term successful relationships with our growing family of merchants by representing their best interests, both now and well into the future.

Swiped / EMV Transactions:

Card Present Qualified Rate Criteria:

  • Swiped Qualified Rates start at 1.69%
  • Standard Consumer Cards
  • Must be Swiped / Inserted
  • Transactions Batched within 24 hrs
Keyed Transactions:

Card Not Present Qualified Rate Criteria:

  • Keyed Qualified Rates start at 2.69%.
  • Standard Consumer Cards
  • Billing Address provided for Address Verification (AVS)
  • Card Code provided for Verification (CCV)
  • Transactions Batched within 24 hrs
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